Work Zone Safety

You play a role in work zone safety.
Work with us.

Drive Engaged.

Work zones are a sign your city and state are thriving and improving. That’s a good thing! When you’re driving in a work zone, be sure to drive engaged and slow down. Lives depend on it — including your own.

What’s a work zone?

Work zones are areas where roadwork takes place. They may include detours, lane closures, construction workers and heavy machinery. Work zones may be set up short-term or long-term at any time of year, though they’re most common in summer. As you approach a work zone, utility area or survey work, watch for cones, barrels, signs and workers in bright-colored vests. All signs in work zones are orange. 

Keep in mind that work zones are road construction workers’ places of work. We’re literally driving through their “office.” They’re working to make sure we all can get where we need to go safely, so be sure to slow down and stay alert.

Help keep work zones safe.

Speeding and inattentive and impatient drivers can increase work zone injuries and fatalities. 

To keep our work zones safe, follow these tips:

  • Drive engaged. Work zones are a dynamic place. Putting away distractions and focusing on the road can help you better prepare for and anticipate unexpected changes
  • Drive patient. Slow down in work zones. This helps keep you and the workers safe. Make space for others to safely merge into the work zone and keep a safe following distance
  • Plan ahead. Check for the latest updates on construction projects and road conditions. Planning ahead will help you avoid unnecessary delays. Taking an alternate route may be a better option 

The roads construction workers build connect us to the things we all care about most—like family and friends, goods and services, and new adventures. It’s our friends and neighbors working on the roads, so let’s look out for them.


The top three causes of crashes in Idaho work zones from 2017 to 2021 were following another vehicle too closely, distracted or inattentive driving and failing to yield
From 2017 to 2021, Idaho had 3,119 crashes in work zones resulting in 36 deaths
More than 100 road construction workers are killed in work zones across the nation each year. Half of these die from being struck by motor vehicles
0 %
Rear ending caused 63% of multiple-vehicle crashes in Idaho work zones from 2017 to 2021

Most people killed in work zones are motorists, passengers and pedestrians

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