School Zone Safety

Kids move fast.
So please drive slow.

Let’s keep children at play.

School zones are places filled with hopes, dreams and bright futures. But they can also be incredibly dangerous when drivers speed, or drive with distractions. When we drive engaged and free from distractions, we do our part to ensure little humans can move on to big things.

How to keep school zones safe:

Avoid double parking or stopping on crosswalks to let kids out of the car. Double parking blocks visibility for others.

Avoid loading or unloading children across the street from the school. This forces the kids to cross, creating stress on them and other parents dropping off.

Stop for the school bus when you see the red flashing lights. It’s likely kids are getting on or off the bus so please don’t try and go around the bus. That’s not cool. Also, it’s illegal and fines have increased in school zones.

Watch for kids biking, skateboarding, walking or hovercrafting to school. OK, maybe not hovercrafting, but tons of kids bike and skateboard to school. Be on the lookout for them.

It can be hard to see kids in the early morning hours. Sun glare and bad weather can make it tough, too. Expect to see kids in the school zones.

Be an engaged driver.

Help keep school zones safe.

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