Engaged Driving Workplace Toolkit

Every year, motor vehicle crashes impact families and businesses across Idaho.

No matter what your role is where you work, you can help create a culture of safety by driving more carefully and encouraging others to do the same. 

These toolkit materials for employees and employers provide a breakdown of how to create a safer workplace.

Some of these behaviors require just a moment to put into practice. Others may take more time to spread across your office. 

To help your office shift its attitudes and behavior toward safe driving, click below and access Idaho Transportation Department’s Engaged Driving Toolkit.

Do the Math

Data has the power to save lives. Yes, that’s right—data can be extremely powerful. Teach your students how math saves lives by accessing ITD’s Do the Math curriculum below. They will learn how to use data to solve problems, test the validity of data, explore biases and more.

Do the Math Teacher Curriculum

Free downloads for individuals & employers

Use these downloads to help keep your community safe.