Motorcycle awareness

Keep our motorcyclists safe. Give them space.

Drive nice,
Look twice.

Motorcycles need as much space as vehicles, if not more. And motorcycle riders are much more exposed to the road than vehicle drivers. When we take the time to protect ourselves and fellow riders on the road, we do our part to make our roads safer.

You probably have family members, friends and neighbors who ride motorcycles. You probably also know how hard it is to see motorcyclists on the road. That’s why it’s so important to keep an eye out for motorcycles as you drive around town. Most crashes between passenger vehicles and motorcycles involve left turns at intersections. Motorcycles are narrow and can be tough to spot in traffic. Be an engaged driver and stay focused while you’re behind the wheel.

Be an engaged driver

Making the decision to be engaged while you drive will improve your safety and the safety of those around you. When you drive in the moment free from distraction, you can better anticipate what — or who — is ahead on the road. Be careful with:

Blind Spot

Motorcycles are small compared to other vehicles on the road. Don’t rely on mirrors. Look over your shoulder and assume a motorcycle is there.


Sun and rain glare can make motorcycles hard to see. Snow, rain and fog can obscure your vision too. Always check twice for bikes.


Always use turn signals — they help riders anticipate traffic flow.

How can motorcyclists compensate for careless motorists?

Wear brightly colored, reflective clothing
Ride with headlights on
Establish lane positions that increase visibility – don’t ride in blind spots

Enhance your skills

Motorcycle courses are available for riders of all levels:
In multiple locations across Idaho:

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