Employee Safe Driving Toolkit

Safety starts with all of us.

It starts with you.

19 min.

A crash happened
every 19 minutes

42 min.

A person was injured in a 
crash every 42 minutes

32 hrs.

A person was killed in a 
crash every 32 hours 

These statistics are alarming, but preventable.


By adopting safe driving habits and advocating for them.

Learn more by reading Shift’s Engaged Driving Handbook.

Be the change our roads need

Side view of confident young independent delivery expert sitting in driver’s seat of van ready to begin transport.

Sure, unsafe driving brings serious consequences. But what is unsafe driving, exactly? Most of us know we could face significant consequences for not driving safely, but we don’t always know what unsafe behavior looks like. This booklet will help you drive more safely and encourage others to do the same:

  • Learn what unsafe driving is and how to be an engaged driver
  • Implement safe driving behaviors into your everyday life
  • Make positive changes to create a culture of safety in your workplace

Read the Engaged Driving Handbook here

About Shift.

Shift is a movement. It’s a positive attitude about progress. It’s a commitment to change and overcome behaviors that make the road a dangerous place. Shift is an opportunity for all Idahoans to start thinking and talking about what’s appropriate behind the wheel and in the passenger’s seat.

If we all work together, we can make Idaho’s roads safer and reduce the number of traffic-related fatalities in our state. Will you join us?

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