Summer is ending.
But the fun isn't.

Party with a plan &
ride home safely.

Drive smart Idaho

Most of us try to squeeze in as much as we can before summer comes to a close. For many that means travel — to float a river, a backyard BBQ, or just to someone’s house to hang with friends and family. If you plan on tossing back a few to celebrate, make a plan to get home safely. And if you see someone who’s had one too many, please find them a ride home. It could save a few lives.

Consider these statistics



Percent of Idaho’s fatal crashes that involve alcohol or drugs

48 minutes

One person dies every forty eight minutes by a drunk driver on our nation’s roads


1500 Idahoans

Killed or seriously injured annually in crashes involving an impaired driver


The amount of alcohol concentration in your blood when things get iffy



With this alcohol concentration, the risk of a crash is six times as great


Plan for a sober ride home

As the end of summer draws near, remember to party with a plan. Leave your keys at home and rideshare when necessary.