Do the Math Teacher Curriculum

Math Makes Our Roads Safer.

Using Crash Data to Solve Real-World Problems.

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) uses crash data to make our roads safer. Here’s how: After every crash, police send data about the crash to ITD. From there, ITD’s crash team reviews the findings and combines them with crash data across the state, looking for patterns. If an area is experiencing a high number of crashes, strategies will be put in place to make that location safer. 

Start this curriculum by watching the video above with your students to better understand the power of data as it connects to the safety of our roads. After, you’ll be ready to launch into the lessons below with your high schoolers!

These lessons help students learn how to use math in real-world situations. Lessons don’t need to be sequential, but students should familiarize themselves with the ITD safety dashboard before jumping in.

An intro to the ITD crash data platform.

Students will explore basic statistical measures and form stories from the data. The lesson also includes an open-ended scavenger hunt. 

50 minutes

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Trusting claims based on data.

Students use filters in the crash summary dashboard to present different data stories and consider the implications of sample size and bias in various claims. 

50 minutes

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Using frequency tables to find answers.

Students use relative frequency tables to determine unique geographic indicators and contributing factors to Idaho crashes. 

50–60 minutes

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Determining the validity of mortality claims. 

Students use a scatter plot to determine if ITD’s claim of “40% of all fatalities were unbelted” is accurate. 

50 minutes

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Analyzing the effects of outliers.

Students examine the effects of outliers by exploring a hypothetical scenario in which a bill is considered to raise the minimum driving age in Idaho.

90 minutes

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Use data to identify problem intersections.

Students use the crash data dashboard to make choices about intersections and pitch solutions to improve their safety based on data. 

50–150 minutes

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