September 19, 2022

Is your car seat installed correctly?

Child passenger safety

Have you ever looked at your child’s car seat installed in the back seat of your car and wondered if you’d done it right? When my kids were younger and in car seats, I would have told you I assumed I had installed my car seats properly. I mean, how hard could it be, right?

I became a certified Child Passenger Safety technician a couple of years ago and after a rigorous 3-day training, I realized my kids’ car seats (and my kids!) were definitely not installed as safely and securely as they could have been. Curious how you did on your install? Take a look at the checklist below and see:

Wiggle your installed car seat from side to side and front to back. Does it move less than an inch either direction?
Now put your kiddo in his car seat. Is his tush snuggled way back in the seat?
Take a look at the strap between your kiddo’s legs – is it as close to your child as it can be without being underneath him?
Look at the straps on his shoulders. If he’s rear-facing, are the straps at or below his shoulders? If he’s forward-facing, are the straps at or above his shoulders?
Now it’s time to buckle him in! Is that clip across his chest at armpit level?

If you answered anything but “yes” to any of these questions, you might want to have your car seat checked for peace of mind! Fortunately, Idaho has check sites across the state with certified technicians to help you keep your child safe. Check the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Seat Check Station Finder to find a check station in your area. 

Drive well!

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