Impaired Driving

Be here tomorrow. Make a plan for a sober ride home.

The future looks better with you in it.

No one is safe when a person chooses to drive under the influence — no one. We all have a commitment to each other to drive sober. And when it comes to family and friends, let’s make sure they find a safe ride home, too. Safe roads are a shared responsibility, let’s look out for each other.

Get a sober ride home.

If you’ve had too many drinks, get a safe ride home. If you see someone who needs a ride, please make sure they’re taken care of.
Been drinking?
Give your keys to someone you can trust.
Get a sober ride home.

Let's look out for one another

Go inside a ‘wet lab’ alcohol experiment

See how alcohol tolerance levels differ firsthand

From finding out how many drinks it took to reach the legal limit to discovering how alcohol impairs motor skills, what five 20-somethings learned changed the way they drink forever. Watch their stories.

Consider these statistics

Percent of Idaho’s fatal crashes that involve alcohol or drugs
One person dies by a drunk driver on our nation’s roads every:
48 min
With an alcohol concentration of .10, the risk of a crash is six times as great
The number of Idahoans killed or seriously injured annually in crashes involving an impaired driver

“Before I go out with friends, I plan ahead to get a safe ride home, whether I hop in a friend’s car or call a rideshare service. I want to be here tomorrow — and every day after that.”

— Adam, 23, Lewiston

When I see friends drink too much, I find the courage to help them get a safe ride home. A few moments of feeling uncomfortable is worth it to keep my friends from doing something they’ll regret. I try to be the friend I’d want if my judgement was impaired.

— Jennifer, 25, Blackfoot

Are you smarter than a bartender?

Play this quiz and raise a glass. Test your drinking knowledge.

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