Be here tomorrow.

Make a plan for a sober ride home.

The future looks better with you in it.

If you and your friends are out drinking, give your keys to a sober driver. Make a plan before you go out and save yourself from having to decide in the moment.

Before I go out with friends, I plan ahead to get a safe ride home, whether I hop in a friend’s car or call a rideshare service. I want to be here tomorrow — and every day after that.
— Adam, 23, Lewiston

Keep your friends safe.

If you see someone who’s been drinking and needs a ride, please help them get home safely. You could save the life of someone you love.

When I see friends drink too much, I find the courage to help them get a safe ride home. A few moments of feeling uncomfortable is worth it to keep my friends from doing something they’ll regret. I try to be the friend I’d want if my judgement was impaired.
— Jennifer, 25, Blackfoot

Get a sober ride home.

If you’ve had too many drinks, get a safe ride home. If you see someone who needs a ride, please make sure they’re taken care of.

Been drinking?
Give your keys to
someone you can trust.
Get a sober
ride home.

Are you smarter
than a bartender?

Play this quiz and raise a glass. Test your drinking knowledge.

    1. Give me a whole pitcher!I’ll take a craft cocktailFill my wine glassFuzzy Navel all the wayI’m drinking soda tonight, thanks
    2. One out of threeOne out of tenOne out of four
    3. Mandatory license suspensionA $250 fineThe installation of an ignition interlock (device that requires a driver to blow into it before the vehicle will run)All the above
    4. Booze and Alcohol ConcentrateBlood Alcohol ConcentrationBreath Alcohol Concentration
    5. Your exA cab or rideshare serviceYour best friendYour mother-in-lawYour financial planner