Find more zen on the road.

Aggressive driving isn’t worth it.

Drive well Idaho.

Zen is a feeling of peace and relaxation. It can be found in a lot of places around Idaho – even your daily drive. When you’re in the moment and engaged behind the wheel, the road can be a peaceful place. So let’s all look out for each other and drive kind because aggressive driving isn’t worth your life and it’s definitely not worth hurting someone else. Finding zen on the road starts with you.



Aggressive driving is responsible for half of all crashes in Idaho.

Too many of us believe the worst thing that can happen when we drive aggressively is a ticket — but the reality is it could be far worse. In a recent two-year period, aggressive driving contributed to 222 deaths on Idaho roads. Another 1,913 were seriously injured in aggressive-driver-involved crashes.


For more than two decades, speeding has been 
involved in about one-third of all motor vehicle fatalities.*

Aggressive driving is more than speeding. You are an aggressive driver if you:

  • Ignore traffic signals
  • Speed and tailgate
  • Drive too fast for conditions
  • Weave in and out of traffic
  • Make improper lane changes frequently and abruptly
  • Pass on the shoulder
  • Make rude hand and facial gestures
  • Scream, honk and flash your lights

*From NHTSA 


Here’s what 
to do if confronted by an aggressive driver:

  • Safely get out of their way as possible
  • Stay calm — reaching your destination safely is your goal, not retaliating
  • Do not challenge the aggressive driver
  • Avoid eye contact
  • Ignore gestures and don’t return them
  • Report aggressive driving if you can (vehicle description, license number, location)
  • Buckle up in case abrupt movements cause you to lose control of your vehicle
  • If aggressive driving leads to deliberate acts of violence, this is road rage, a criminal act

How to report aggressive drivers:

Find a safe place to call 911
Be prepared to provide location, vehicle description and license plate

For more information about aggressive driving education and safety awareness in Idaho, contact Josephine Middleton at [email protected]