Teen Driver Safety

Be the driver you want them to be.

Be a good example.

Learning to drive is exciting. It’s a first taste of freedom, and an important time to develop good habits. Let’s help teens learn good driving behaviors — not bad habits. We all share the responsibility of being good examples for young drivers on the road. Be the driver you want them to be.

Your driving habits matter.

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What scares you most about teens and driving?

Be the driver you want them to be.

Pass on your good looks.
Not your bad driving habits.

Parents, sometimes what you say isn’t nearly as loud as what you do. Especially when it comes to what you do in the car. Be an engaged driver. Wear your seatbelt. Your teens are watching you, and they look up to you more than you think. Good driving habits start with you.

Consider these statistics

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Compared to other groups

Teens are 2.5 times more likely to crash than any other 
age group

Teen fatalities

Number of teen drivers involved in fatal crashes in 2016
0 %

Percentage of fatalities

Percentage of 15 to 18-year-old drivers who were unrestrained in 2016
0 %

Involved in crashes

Percentage of teens involved in crashes who were drinking in 2016
0 %

Teens who buckle up

Percentage of teens who buckle up in their cars

Make the pledge.

Talk with your teen about making safety a priority on the road. Make a pledge with your child to be safe on the road.

Click here to download the pledge.

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