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We designed the Shift initiative to help reduce crashes on Idaho roads. As we shift our thinking, behavior and focus while we drive, we can save lives and make our roads safer.

Engaged driving
Drive well Idaho.
Motorcycle Awareness
Keep our motorcyclists safe. Give them space.
Child Passenger Safety
Get familiar with the world's most important seat.
Teen Driver Safety
Be the driver you want them to be.
Seat Belt Safety
Buckle up, Idaho.
Impaired Driving
Be here tomorrow. Make a plan for a sober ride home.
Aggressive Driving
You are in the driver's seat to save lives.
Motorcycle Impairment
Have more fun on a gallon of gas than a pitcher of beer.
School Zone Safety
Kids move fast.
So please drive slow.
Winter Safety
With a little planning, we can keep our roads safer.
Work Zone Safety
You play a role in work zone safety. Work with us.
Bicycle Safety
Share the road with bicycles
Pedestrian Safety
Watch for people at all times.


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Winter Safety
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Aggressive Driving
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Motorcycle Awareness