July 28, 2023

Who is Stanley?

Meet Stanley, Idaho’s safety Sasquatch.

You may have seen his fuzzy face smiling at you from a billboard on the side of the highway or in an ad online. He’s the Idaho Office of Highway Safety’s mascot and an ambassador for safe driving. 

But where did Stanley the Sasquatch come from?

 In 2017, a driver told law enforcement in Latah County that she saw a sasquatch on the side of the road and was looking for it in her rearview mirror when she hit a deer. The story, much like Bigfoot, became legend and Stanley was created to help spread the word about safe driving. Most crashes are 100% preventable and Stanley’s story is a good example.

Since then Stanley has been the face and voice for safe driving around the state. Some of his campaigns include teaching people about engaged driving, seatbelt safety, and busting aggressive driving myths. He even makes appearances at events like Treefort, county fairs, and minor league baseball games.

When he’s not out spreading the word about safe driving, he loves spending time in Idaho’s great outdoors. If you spot a Sasquatch like Stanley while you are enjoying Idaho’s beautiful scenery, don’t let it distract you from the important task of driving! We want you to return home safely with an awesome story to tell about the magic of Idaho.

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