August 20, 2021

Hells Canyon

Trekking through untamed wilderness

Historical Facts

Hugging the borders of northeastern Oregon and western Idaho, this national showcase holds 652,488 acres of beauty and adventure, where you can let your senses run as wild as the landscape.

“The deepest river gorge in North America.”

– US Forest Service

Scenic vistas that rival any on the continent. World-class whitewater boating. Spectacular mountain peaks. Vast reaches of remote wilderness for hiking or horseback riding. Diverse and abundant wildlife. Artifacts from prehistoric tribes and rustic remains of early miners and settlers…Hells Canyon National Recreation Area truly offers something for everyone, and much to remember.

Due to the size of the Hells Canyon, the recreation sites and activities have been divided up based on their location. Visit the link below to learn more about recreation opportunities.

– City of Twin Falls


Hells Canyon
P.O. Box 29
Arco, ID 83213

What is it like to visit
Hells Canyon?

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