Impaired Driving

Be here tomorrow. Make a plan for a sober ride home.

The future looks better with you in it.

No one is safe when a person chooses to drive under the influence — no one. We all have a commitment to each other to drive sober. And when it comes to family and friends, let’s make sure they find a safe ride home, too. Safe roads are a shared responsibility, let’s look out for each other.

Get a sober ride home.

If you’ve had too many drinks, get a safe ride home. If you see someone who needs a ride, please make sure they’re taken care of.
Been drinking?
Give your keys to someone you can trust.
Get a sober ride home.

Consider these statistics

Percent of Idaho’s fatal crashes that involve alcohol or drugs
One person dies by a drunk driver on our nation’s roads every:
48 min
With an alcohol concentration of .10, the risk of a crash is six times as great
The number of Idahoans killed or seriously injured annually in crashes involving an impaired driver

“Before I go out with friends, I plan ahead to get a safe ride home, whether I hop in a friend’s car or call a rideshare service. I want to be here tomorrow — and every day after that.”

— Adam, 23, Lewiston

Let's look out for one another

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Keep your friends safe.

If you see someone who’s been drinking and needs a ride, please help them get home safely. You could save the life of someone you love.

When I see friends drink too much, I find the courage to help them get a safe ride home. A few moments of feeling uncomfortable is worth it to keep my friends from doing something they’ll regret. I try to be the friend I’d want if my judgement was impaired.

— Jennifer, 25, Blackfoot

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